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Supervisors - 6 year term

Michael E. Hall                        (term expiration 12/31/23)

William W. Dean                     (term expiration 12/31/25)

Christopher J. Fabian             (term expiration 12/31/27)


Lisa L. Schlemmer    724.658.0510 Ext. 101

Police Chief

Randall Cook, Jr.     724.658.0510 Ext. 104

Auditors - 6 year term
Zoning Hearing Board

 Josh Latore                        (term expiration 12/31/2029) 

Sam Audia                           (term expiration 12/31/2023)

Don Bowden, Chairman

Henry Karki

Dave Stanford

Code Enforcement Officer/
Building Permits

Lisa Schlemmer   724-658-0510 Ext. 101

Sewer Authority

Todd Chamberlain, Chairman

Mark Figurelli, Secretary

Dave Stanford

Don Bowden

Tom Houston

Planning Commission

Bob Burry, Chairman

Don Rogers, Secretary

Kevin Mahoney

Dan Reiber

Jeff Hardy

Sewage Enforcement Officer

Mourice Waltz Planners and Consultants

Township Engineers

Frank B. Taylor Engineering, Inc.

Kurtanich Engineers & Associates, Inc.

Tax Collector

Lori Zulauf     724.658.0510 Ext. 102

Vacancy Board

Michael Schlemmer

Jason Medure

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